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40 days on the road
3750 miles by bicycle
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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Sun, 31 May 2009

    Merci Pour Le Bon Voyage Partie

    [dscn2111] Thanks to all of you that stopped by yesterday to wish us well on the eve of our trip. I particularly want to thank Joanne for the tequilla cream. [Correction 1: Actually, Carol made the tequilla cream. Thank you Carol -- ed] My daughter commented that "the pudding" tasted a little funny, but she liked it. I quickly warned her that developing a taste for tequilla was a dangerous road to travel. Specifically, I quoted this to her:

    "Tequila, scorpion honey, harsh dew of the doglands, essence of Aztec, crema de cacti; tequila, oily and thermal like the sun in solution; tequila, liquid geometry of passion; Tequila, the buzzard god who copulates in midair with the ascending souls of dying virgins; tequila, firebug in the house of good taste; O tequila, savage water of sorcery, what confusion and mischief your sly, rebellious drops do generate!"
    [Correction 2: Ok, J, I didn't specifically quote that, but I thought it, and now I have quoted it. OK? -- ed]

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