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    Mon, 15 Jun 2009

    Denton, MT

    I saw another antelope today. It ran across the road in front of me and made a wierd squawking sound. I didn't know they made sounds. "Ran" isn't quite the right word, either. Antelopes bounce along with a hopping motion. Maybe they can really run if they want to. I haven't seen that.

    More high plains today. There was a bit of climbing, down into canyons and then back up out of them. Negative hills. At one point we descended to the Missouri at Fort Benton, a facinating town. I wish we had more time to explore these places, but we need to keep rolling. The descent into the canyon at Ft Benton was beautiful, with the canyon walls covered with purple flowers.

    At one point I was passed by two houses being towed by truck. They were 24 ft wide and took both lanes.

    [BUTTES] We passed Square Butte and Round Butte. I recall that Square Butte was a significant landmark to Lewis and Clark. You can see it from a long, long way away.

    We rode 115 miles today, landing at the small town of Denton. We're camped at a small Lions Club park and I'm using the free WiFi from the town library. No cell coverage, but good WiFi. This has been the general rule.

    There was a thunderstorm today. We could see it 20 miles away. Gary decided to ride fast, trying to beat it. I decided to ignore it and rode my usual easy pace. When we hooked back up, Gary reported that he couldn't keep in front of the storm, no matter how hard he rode. At one point, it looked really bad and had to stay under cover for 15 minutes till it passed. Me, I just got rained on for a little while -- no big deal.

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