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    Thu, 18 Jun 2009

    Culbertson, MT

    We're still in Montana, but only 59 miles from Williston, ND. Our stopping point after about 100 miles, Culbertson, is a very nice town, just outside the Indian Reservation. We camped in the town park.

    Countless people have warned us to not dally in Indian lands. It sounds racist, but in the short time we were passing through Fort Peck Indian Reservation, we saw more police cars drive by than we had seen the past two weeks. We met a private investigator (from Langhorne, PA) in a Pizza joint within the reservation. He told us that there were more murders in Ft Peck than in any other similarly sized region in the country. He told us a lot of other things too -- things that I'd better not post. As we left the pizza joint, a drunken Indian carrying a can of beer came up to me and tried to give me directions for avoiding the hill out of town. The directions were correct. I smiled and thanked him.

    Riding today broke into three parts. The first third, the weather was cool and the winds were calm. The second third, was rainy with an annoying crosswind. The last third we turned with the wind and the sun came out, making for a hot but fast finish.

    Today I saw an antelope actually run rather than bounding -- I guess that's their "play". No deer play, or buffalo roaming yet.

    A crop duster flew directly over me. The pilot tipped his wings as he saw me taking his picture. Later I snapped some photos of an immense freight train. The engineer tooted his whistle.

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