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    Fri, 19 Jun 2009

    Williston, ND

    [NORTHDAKOTA] Montana. Been there; done that. We're now in Central Daylight Time and a new state: North Dakota.

    When we camped with the Helena Cycling Club back in Lincoln, MT, one of the riders called ahead to Williston and arranged accomodations for us at a friend's house there.

    Culbertson was only about 45 miles from Williston, and we had a tailwind and fair weather. Normally we would have sailed on at least another 50 more miles, but good hospitality is difficult to refuse. What's more, we needed an easy day. The last three days have been tough, with 100+ mile rides and difficult weather. We arrived at roughly noon, made contact with our host, and set about doing laundry, eating barbeque, and drinking some Guiness.

    The ride itself was not very notable. It was mostly long, relatively flat stretches of road, bee line straight. There were occasional climbs, but with the tailwind we had no difficulty rolling along at good speed.

    One interesting thing did happen. Several sections of route 2 were under construction. Out here they use "pilot cars" to guide platoons of cars through the construction zone. Usually there's a wait by the flag person as the next platoon is queued up.

    In one construction zone today when we stopped by the flag man, he smiled and without hesitation handed each of us a candy, then without waiting for the pilot car waved us through. "Stay to the side. Keep alert. You know what to do," he said.

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