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    Fri, 05 Jun 2009

    Zig Zag, Oregon -- Southern Flank of Mt Hood

    [beforeafter] Big climbing day, but not as big as planned. Our goal was to summit 4000 feet (starting at near sea level) on the side of Mt Hood. 8000 feet total climbing. Unfortunately, we got a bit of a late start (7AM) and it rained most of the day. When we reached Zig Zag, 80 miles in and still a half mile vertically below our planned high point, there was a congenial cafe, motel, and bar. Instantly, we jetisoned our plans to sleep on snow in the rain.

    Breakfast was in Oregon City after about 30 miles of riding. Gary did himself proud, devouring his food in record time. Before leaving, we bought a pie and Mike lashed it to his trailer.

    The real pity of the rain was that we couldn't see the magestic Mt Hood. Mist and fog obscured what Mike assured us was a stunning view. I had to be satisfied with views of the surrounding foothills, and the whitewater rivers and creeks alongside the road, including the roaring Zig Zag river itself.

    One interesting part of the day was when we crossed the Willamette river on the Camby ferry, a two minute ride, free for bikes.

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