CTN TransAm 09
40 days on the road
3750 miles by bicycle
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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Sun, 07 Jun 2009

    The Columbia Gorge

    [nogas] Our first century day -- 115 miles total -- and very few rest stops, but all in all a very easy day.

    We continued along the Columbia gorge. After visiting the Stonehenge replica near Maryhill, conducting a brief Sunday service, Druid style, we rode endlessly east. We didn't find a single store for 40 miles. When we did find a store, it was this classic western place run by one guy. He sold knives, provisions, bait, alchohol, tobacco, and firearms. After signing his logbook, adding our names to hundreds of transam riders before us, we chomped down breakfast burritos and that was it for another 50 miles till we had supper at Umatilla. Then 30 more to camp. But all the riding was dead flat and the wind was at our back. There was a little rain, but the end of the day was sunny. [DRUID]

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