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    Sun, 05 Jul 2009

    Port Burwell, ON -- Provincial Park Campground

    Tiger lilies and catalpa in bloom, corn and soybeans, turkey vultures, thistle, and that horrid knotweed -- signs of my nearness to home are appearing in the flora and fauna. We completed a hundred ten miles on mostly flat roads along the northern shore of Lake Erie without much help from the wind. Despite the lack of power-boost, we finished up pretty early. There was noplace to stop, so we just kept riding. Services are rare here. It's almost as bad as out west. There are no gas-station convenience stores, and the occasional cafe is most likely closed on Sunday.

    The only break from the vast sameness of corn and soybean happens when we cross a river ravine to Lake Erie. At these spots we are usually treated to a steep descent of a few hundred feet, a quaint port town, and then a few hundred feet of climb back up to the plateau.

    Ultimately we camped near one of these ravine ports -- Port Burwell Provincial Park, to be exact. A very nice park, but thirty-two bucks to camp sets a new record. That almost beats the forty dollar motel we stayed at out in Montana. The small town of Port Burwell was very nice too. We walked into town for a solid meal at the town's best restaurant. Fifty bucks.

    My bike coach Mike Walden had us walk after a hard day of riding. I hope our two-mile round trip walk did our tired legs some good. I hope it's enough. Both Gary and I are getting worn out from the lack of rest. How many days ago were we in Fargo? That was our last rest. Unfortunately, nothing around here inspires us to hang around for a day. Maybe we'll lay up with an easy day into the Falls.

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