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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Sat, 13 Jun 2009

    Across the Continental Divide

    [P6140009] A couple hours after rolling out of Lincoln, MT, we crossed the Continental Divide at Rogers Pass on Montanna Route 200. This pass was even easier than Lolo; Gary and I shook our heads when we saw that the slight grade was coming to an end at a gap between two apparantly (from our view) small peaks. That's it. The dreaded Rocky Mountains are behind us. It's downhill from here.

    Rogers would be a lot more difficult westbound as the pass drops immediately to the plains of central Montanna. Westbound riders see an endlessly wide and impossibly high wall of mountain. Riders would have a steep grade for several miles. Coming from Lincoln, however, we saw nothing of the sort. The west side of the pass is filled in with a high plateau. It's striking to see 5000-6000 foot peaks poking just a few hundred feet above the flat plain that, itself, is at near 5000 feet -- like tips of icebergs.

    At the divide I conducted an experiment that I believe many before me have also tried. I deposited some "fluid" exactly on the divide and attempted to discern what direction it would flow. Results were not conclusive. [WHICHWAY2]

    We are closing in on our first 1000 miles, which is about a quarter of the way, but psychologically it feels more like a third. The Rocky Mountains: been there, done that. Now, the new challenge is the vast nothingness of the Great Plains and the wind they call Moriah.

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