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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Thu, 04 Jun 2009

    On The Road At Last -- Pacific City, OR

    [P6040022] It begins. We dipped our rear wheels at the beach at Pacific City, OR, then rode 75 miles back to Mike's place in Newberg. That's 75 real miles, most of them Eastward, directly through the Coastal range, including a 20 mile climb.

    Gary was reluctant to do the actual wheel dip, but I insisted. We got down to the edge of the surf and posed. We kept checking the waves and Arlene with the camera kept insisting we look at the camera. One time I looked up and saw Mike and Gary running up the beach. A rogue wave washed overtop my shoes. I'm baptized by the Pacific.

    The riding was pleasant. Some flat. One big climb. One big descent. Mike rode fast; like he had to go to work on Monday. I took it very easy, keeping my effort well below my capacity. Gary said his "legs felt dead" but seemed to move along well. Generally we stayed together with me bringing up the rear.

    With 4 miles till the end, a storm blew in. We took refuge under a roofed entryway at an Elementary school. We watched the wind strip clouds of pollen (yes pollen) from the big fields of flowering plants. When the storm was over, we rode in.

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