CTN TransAm 09
40 days on the road
3750 miles by bicycle
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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Fri, 29 May 2009


    The bikes and gear are all packed and shipped to our host out west, Gary's buddy Mike in Portland. Oddly, it cost more to ship my bike UPS ground than it will cost to ship my body on Southwest Airlines. Not sure why. Maybe it's that UPS insures delivery. Southwest does not.

    Some people have asked what I'm bringing. I give a rough list below. Together, the front panniers are 15 lbs; the rear panniers are 22 lbs.

    Right Front Pannier Left Front Pannier
    Sierra Designs Iota Tent, poles, and stakes Green Sack (food and smellables)
    Tyvek ground cloth Food items
    Camp Shoes instant coffee
    Right Rear Pannier instant cider
    Sleeping Bag dehydrated meals
    Poly liner oatmeal
    Thermarest duct Tape
    Fleece olive Oil
    Bucket Hat camp Soap
    Sleep Clothes Bag A/D Ointment
    T-shirt hot pepper
    Shorts bourbon
    Socks cigar
    Silk underware stove
    Headlamp spork
    Left Rear Pannier Pot, Lid, Windscrean
    Main Clothes Bag butane Cannister
    Riding shorts sun Screen
    Poly T-shirt bug Repellent
    Long Pants
    Socks HandleBar Bag
    Collered Shirt Shoulder Strap
    Rain Jacket Mini LED Light
    Gloves GPS
    Balaclava camera
    Booties cell yhone
    Helmet Cover wallet
    Laptop lighter
    Chargers and cables pen
    Mesh Bag passport
    First Aid Kit tripod
    Reflective Gear lock
    ankle bands kleenex
    Sam Browne sash
    Clothesline Bike
    camp towel Rivendel Atlantis
    bandannas Water Bottles
    Hardware Ditty Bag E3 Headlight and Schmidt dynamo
    Glue Taillights
    twine Water Bottles
    floss racks
    tie wraps rack bungie
    velcro Saddle Bag
    water purification pills Spare Tubes
    alchohol towelettes C02 Inflators
    patches Patch Kit
    bug repellent wipes Blinky
    needles and pins frame pump
    pocket knife
    matches Body
    Other shirt

    I'm typing the list from memory and I don't quite have it all in my head yet. I'm sure after a week on the road I'll know exactly what I have and where it is. Chris G quipped that after two weeks, I'll hate knowing.


    © 2009 C.T. Nadovich