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    Thu, 14 May 2009

    Nothing To Do But Ride

    Classes are over at Lafayette. The student project I was mentoring is wrapping up. All that's left for me to do is to ride the bike. Right?

    Not quite.

    I'm rediscovering that disentangling ones self from a complex network of responsibilities is difficult business. My pre-departure TODO list is growing. There's only 19 days left and it seems impossible that I'll be able to accomplish all I need to get done in the remaining time.

    Fortunately, I've experienced this pre-trip overload before, although not in as large a dose. I know that a lot of it isn't real -- that it's a manifestation of anxiety about exiting ones comfort zone and venturing out into the wild. It'll pass the moment I step on the plane and begin the journey. By day three, I won't even be able to remember what was so important back at home --- compared to the immediate needs of water, food, and shelter for the night.

    In a sense, when he was "escorted from the building", Gary began his journey. I'm already 19 days behind him and we haven't even left Pennsylvania.


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