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    Thu, 02 Jul 2009

    Clare, MI

    Disaster strikes. The number keys on my laptop are busted -- exclamation point. Cutting and pasting numbers is not fun. The backspace is busted too. I guess near three thousand miles of vibration finally broke something.

    Anyway, another hundred-twenty mile ride in cool, drizzly weather. All in all it wasn't bad, but there were times when I just couldn't get warm enough in all my parts simultaneously. My Showers Pass rain jacket works admirably keeping me both warm and cool, but there's only so much a jacket can do for you in those contradictory tasks. I kept altering my wardrobe to keep up with the changing conditions and topography -- there were rollers most of the day. At various times I had booties on, long fingered gloves, helmet cover, tights, etc... And at other times I had none of these on.

    Fortunately, most of the roads were very lightly traveled. The fact that I could barely see -- glassed coated with drizzle drops -- did not threaten my safety. We motored along nicely through the haze.

    Gary complained that he wasn't riding well. I could tell he was off his usual form because he wasn't kicking my butt, gapping me at every opportunity. I do hope he feels better, but I have to admit some feelings of relief that I finally can stay with him without excess effort.

    We passed long lines of cars in their exodus from lower Michigan before the Independence Day weekend. We are worrying that we'll be skunked out of lodging the next two or three days. Actually, we expect to be in Canada on the Fourth itself. Maybe that will help us.

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