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3750 miles by bicycle
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Chris Nadovich's 2009 Transamerica Bike Tour.

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    Thu, 02 Jul 2009

    Another Weird Bird

    [WB1] We've been seeing these weird birds running through the fields. They look like a miniature ostrich to me, especially when they are running. I've never seen one fly. What could they be? An egret maybe? [WB2]

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    Clare, MI

    Disaster strikes. The number keys on my laptop are busted -- exclamation point. Cutting and pasting numbers is not fun. The backspace is busted too. I guess near three thousand miles of vibration finally broke something.

    Anyway, another hundred-twenty mile ride in cool, drizzly weather. All in all it wasn't bad, but there were times when I just couldn't get warm enough in all my parts simultaneously. My Showers Pass rain jacket works admirably keeping me both warm and cool, but there's only so much a jacket can do for you in those contradictory tasks. I kept altering my wardrobe to keep up with the changing conditions and topography -- there were rollers most of the day. At various times I had booties on, long fingered gloves, helmet cover, tights, etc... And at other times I had none of these on.

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