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    Mon, 16 Feb 2009

    Installing Fenders and Racks on my Atlantis

    [p2060581] Don't get me wrong, the Atlantis is great. I don't regret getting it. There are just some minor issues that kept the experience from being perfect. One of them was installing fenders and racks.

    When I ordered my Atlantis, I ordered it with brakes, handlebar, wheels, gears, and fenders. I paid a stiff "assembly fee" and, indeed, almost everything was assembled when I received the bike. Of course, for shipping, some parts needed to be partially removed from the bike in order to best fit in the box -- the handlebars were popped off and the front wheel was to the side. But other than the the shipping rearrangement, everything was assembled. Everything with one exception: the fenders.

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